Using A Tablet With Wired Internet

Christine Brady

Junior Member
Dec 6, 2019
I'd like to buy an Android tablet in Peru or Ecuador that can be plugged into wired Internet in Europe (in homes I'll be visiting that only have wired Internet).

Any suggestions?

I suppose I could walk into a computer/tablet stores and ask which of their tablets are compatible with one of their adapters for wired Internet connection.

Even though the Peru/Ecuador store would be selling me a tablet and adapter for connecting to wired Internet in Peru/Ecuador, I'm assuming that it could also be plugged into wired Internet in Europe, correct?

What wording would you recommend I use in the computer/tablet store to explain what I'm looking for.

I would use "Google translate" to translate your wording into Spanish, unless the person who fields this question is fluent in Spanish, in which case I'd appreciate that you give me the wording in English and Spanish.

Thank you so much!