Using Fitbit With Tab A: Not Syncing


Junior Member
Jan 1, 2020
Have an old fitbit One. Syncs beautifully with my Galaxy Tab A. I need an expert opinion. Bought a
Fitbit Versa Watch, downloaded thet set up and set up went fine.

After that, simply could not sync the fitbit to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Now, is syncing a fitbit Versa to a Galaxy Tab A just not gonna work? Must I use a cellphone? I do not use a cellphone. Period. I am hoping for some detailed responses as to why my Tab A would not sync with the fitbit. I can certainly install the fitbit app, but from there, after I have set it up, its a dead duck.

I did try to remove it and re-add it,. but it only synced for a moment.

Am I required to use a cellphone with a fitbit? Is this a must?