Velocity Cruz T410 BRICK


Aug 20, 2012
I have gotten a T410 Tablet. First of all tablet would not charge. I could get into Recovery Mode and leave the screen on for hours, but as soon as the Tablet would try to boot up it would just show the red/yellow/green battery charging icon. After charging it over night with a wall charger didnt help. So i tried using Recovery to update/reset the device. I downloaded the new Firmware, put it on a SD card installed it, every thing seemd to go well, installation complete. So I clicked on reboot tablet. It would not reboot, i plugged it into the charger, nothing works. Green LED keeps blinking every 3-4 seconds, tablet will not boot into anything, NO recovery either.

When I plug it into the PC the tablet is found as two drives for maybe 2 seconds, and then the drives disappear. Few seconds later they come back, and it just continues like that all the time the tablet is connected to the PC.

Please help. I dont know where to go from here.
Is there a different program that can flash the tablet without having to go through the recovery console?
Is there a USB fastboot, or Downloading mode like in the EVO 3D for example, where you can use ADB to push the images to the phone?