Velocity Crzu Reader Completely Unresponsive


Jan 30, 2011
Hello all, I purchased a Velocity Cruz Reader about 2 weeks ago. It arrived last week and due to a weekend in a hotel with paid only internet it was unused for the most part. Then because of a left behind charger it continued to be unused until last night when I was able to charge it. After charging it last night and playing with it all day I returned home with it to charge it again and upon taking it from my coat pocket to charge it I discovered it had become entirely unresponsive. The LED at the bottom doesn't light up when it's plugged in, there is no response when the power button is pushed down or held, it's completely dead. Any suggestions or similar situations would be really appreciated it. I'm sure it's still under warranty, but I'd rather see if it's fixable without going into the hassle of sending it in and waiting even longer to use it.

EDIT: I retract my problem. After searching the forums I found a thread here that solved my problem.
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Jan 14, 2012
My cruz is doing the same thing. It will not turn on because it is dead but yet it wont charge? The red light does not come on anymore either. Do you know how to fix this?