Venue 7 3740 - attempting to Factory Restore


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May 12, 2016
So... I've done a lot of digging and I've found that you need to turn the venue off and then hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time for a while before the system settings screen should come up, where most people then proceed (it seems) to restore their tablets. However, mine just either shuts back off or turns on normally (sometimes in safe mode). Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or if there is another way to do this. Thanks, and I apologize if this is the wrong thread.


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Mar 24, 2011
I'm not familiar with your particular tablet, but hopefully you'll find something here that'll help:

Factory reset: How Do I "Factory Reset" My Tablet?

If there are no instructions there specifically for your tablet, try some of the methods for other tablets. One of them will probably work and you won't hurt anything by trying.

You might also check out the methods here if none of the above work:

Venue 7 3740 factory reset - Google Search