Verizon's New Family Data Plans Begin: It's Called the Share Everything Plan


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Jan 5, 2011

The day has finally arrived folks. The "family data plans" that Verizon has teased for over a year are now in effect and will be available June 28th. Verizon just announced their "Share Everything" data plans. The basic summary of the plans is that users get Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Texting, shared amongst multiple phones. Each tier of shared data is also shared with every phone. First, they charge $40 dollars per month for each smartphone that you add to the plan, or $30 dollars a month for each basic feature phone. Then you tack on the data plan. The beginning tier is 1GB for $50 dollars. The data allowance doubles for each tier and tacks on an additional $10 bucks, as you can see in the pic above, thus, 10GB of data shared with your whole family will run you $100 bucks a month plus however many phones you have.

A good example is a family of three with three smart phones will cost $120 per month for the phones. Then if they pick the 6GB plan it will cost an extra $80 dollars per month, for a total of $200 for the family. Some of the extra details are that you can add up to 10 devices to this Share Everything plan. Also, mobile hotspots, tablets and other miscellaneous stuff will cost extra. For a complete breakdown, click the source link below.

So, take a few minutes to do the math, and then sound off in the forums if these plans will tempt you away from your current plans...

Thanks to all of our tipsters!

Update: Just as an aside, and to add more clarity... from what I can tell data overages are still $15 per 300 MB over the limit. If you find info to the contrary please share in this thread while we investigate further. Also, these plans are not available until June 28th.

Update 2: We have some additional information to add to this article, and it isn't pretty. First, we will preface this by saying that we received this information directly from a Verizon rep, but he could have explained it wrong or been improperly trained. However, if his information was accurate, then these new plans are what Verizon is migrating everyone too. The next time your contract is up and you try to sign up for a new one to get a subsidized phone, then your only option is to lose whatever plan you currently have and switch to one of these new ones. The only way to keep your current plan is to purchase an unsubsidized phone at full retail, and never sign up for a new contract.

Interestingly, the Verizon rep we spoke to had only been handed these new plans this morning, so it is possible that he was not fully trained to explain things properly. If anyone in the forums can add more information to this, please do so in the thread.

Source: Verizon Share Everything Data Plans Site and Verizon Plan Description
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Feb 25, 2012
It's still insanely expensive. Although, the 4GB share plan would save my wife and I around $25 a month. However, I really cherish my grandfathered unlimited line.


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Jan 6, 2011
I believe the rep got it right, Verizon's intent (for now) is to migrate everybody to this type of plan. Essentially it is a modified version of the "family plan" and though it will save some people money, the general idea is to have the average bill increase. Yes that is correct, Verizon's new plan is generally raise the cost of service across the board but do it in a way that looks like it is for the consumer's benefit. AT&T has expressed a similar idea and is expected to follow suit.

The way I see it is that if people don't understand or respond to the new carrier plans, the majority of us will end up paying more than we currently do. If there is enough objection it may be limited to a replacement for family plans or otherwise modified. I have no doubt that if the carriers think they can pull this off without too much notice their intent is to increase the average cost of service.

The Verge has a well put summary.

"If Verizon (or any carrier) wants to take this seriously, it's very simple: let customers add unlimited devices to an existing data bucket for a reasonable monthly fee. $5, for instance. I could even understand $10, perhaps. But $40 for an extra smartphone? Instead of the shared data holy grail, Verizon is essentially offering us a new spin on family plans. This will be great for some, don't get me wrong — and it'll probably save a few dollars in many cases — but let's not call this the revolution we've been waiting for. It's not." Verizon's 'Share Everything' plans intentionally miss the mark | The Verge

Watch out people and make sure your carrier knows what you think about their intentions.



Nov 22, 2010
Looks like my wife and I will be buying phones outright from here on to keep our unlimited data plans.

I don't know if it's a problem yet, I guess we'll have to see.
We're very happy with what we're running now, so barring incident or accident we're good for a while.