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Sep 13, 2010
Hello everyone
I'm going to buy android tablet with HDMI and chipset 8902 and use it as mediaplayer (connect to my TV)
and I've got some questions
1. Is chipset 8902 performance enough to play ANY video contens, or there are some limits for it.
2. on ebay threre are many kinds of tablets , which is best for quality/price?
3. what about wifi speed, if i will connect tablet to my notebook with videofiles?

Best regards

and very important question
I want to connect tablet to my window computer by wifi and play video on tablet without copying . Is it possibly?
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Sep 27, 2010
to serg_svp:

Im pretty new here, but I have been digging into the android tablet market for a few months. The great thing about android, linux, and the people who love all that work in open source for the most part. Almost anything will *eventually* be possible. Streaming video from a server is a goal I have had for almost 5 years. Sadly it seems my luck in such things is like my gardening... black thumb all the way. I have however seen peeps such as hak5 do exactly what you are talking about, tho it looked like it took a very high proficiency level to pull off, and about 8 different programs and the like. Did I mention I've not been able to pull it off in 5 years? :p

As a newb looking in, but reading every post or writeup I can find related to all this... it really seems that anything android not cellphone based, is in it's infancy. With the creative geniuses who have a dream, or simply want to do something just to prove it can be done; I don't think it will take long... then again to some a year is eternity.

I wish you luck with your dream of streaming video, it can be done tho i've not seen it done with android. I doubt it will take someone long. The main issue is easy to see from earlier in this faq. Hardware is in the toddler stage, and the firmware/bios/ or distros depending on the proper parlance, seems to be in it's first trimester. Think Norton Commander stage before windows 3.11 if you go back that far. Sometimes I MISS Norton Commander :p

At any rate, here's a link to what I was talking about: Hak5 – Technolust since 2005 » Episode 726 – Jailbreaking, VirtualBox PHP GUIs, bandwidth throttles and python streaming scripts
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Jul 9, 2010
... Don't ask questions here because I don't check this thread reply by reply, and other people who are able to answer wont be able to see this either...

Do a search for the question. If it hasn't already been asked, start a thread.

I heard video streaming works with some sort of network file share mounting workaround, but it is by no means straightforward.