(Videos) PSX4Droid/Gameboid/Gensoid/SNesoid on Archos 70 IT!

Nov 2, 2010
Hey Guys,

I put together two videos for you, someone wanted to see this when i posted my other video, so i installed all the emulators, and downloaded a bunch of roms!

I reviewed Gensoid, Nesoid, SNesoid, Gameboid, and PSX4Droid.

Highly recommend using a Wiimote to play these, it does make it that much more awesome.

Take a look:

Archos 70 IT - Game Emulators Demonstration

Archos 70 IT - Emulators Demonstration on TV via HDMI

Thanks for viewing and let me know if there are any questions!
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Mar 21, 2011
Hi there. Recently saw youtube vid on how to download 'Astro file manager, then Nesoid lite, with a view to getting some rom games from Freeroms.com (which Ive never done before) My prob is Nesoid lite is no longer on the market site, so if I download any of the other emulators (for SNES, ATARI, GBA etc.) do the same rules apply for getting them on my Archos ie using ASTRO to extract, deleting zip after extract, going to chosen emulator download file to hopefully find game and play? Ive been trying to figure out howw to get rom games on my Archos 70 for some time now, so any help would be greatly appreciated to get me started.Thanks Esha