ViewPad 7 Bizzar Rebooting Issues!!!


Apr 23, 2012
This is the third Vpad 7 since my first purchase in Nov 2011. The first one didn't work right out of the box. The replacement started to reboot on its own constantly. And here's the third one I just got for an replacement. It seems to have similar rebooting issues I had with the last one.

What's weird with this one is that it almost reboots every few minutes when I'm at home, but it can last almost a whole day at work without a glitch. Occasionally it does reboot at work as well, though.

So what could be causing this besides the fact that I may have an anti-Vpad 7 ghost hanging around at home that I can't hunt down?

The only major difference between home and work I can think of is I don't have very strong Wifi signals at home in the spots where I usually would sit and use the tablet. But I also tested at the spot that has strong signals at home and it keeps on rebooting as well.

To isolate the issue, I have installed no programs on this unit so far. The only thing I do is to browse on the internet.

So can somebody please tell me what the heck is going on with this piece of junk? It's driving me crazy! If I can replicate the problem anywhere easily, then I can send it back for another replacement. But I'm afraid they'll tell me nothing is wrong if it goes the way as at my work!


Aug 16, 2012
well I think and this is just a guess. that the antina in the viewpad7 is not very good and needs to be very close to the signal.
I am still working on salution and will post when I get some results.