Vigo 9.7" Charge Time?


Jan 2, 2013
Hi All, new poster here.

Couple of questions.

I recently purchased a Vigo 9.7" and was curious has to how long it should take to charge?
I'm getting ~15% for 1 hours charging, is this normal?

Out of box had around 75% and took about 1 hour for the remaining 25%. Full charge lasted around 10 hours, browsing web, downloading apps, and some flash video playback. I thought that was pretty damn good for a 9.7" screen.

Also, it seems to have difficulty turning off when plugged into a charger. When you plug it in it'll turn on, but after turning it off it'll turn back on again, usually when the battery is fully flat. That's not a big issue I guess, but I'm a little concerned at how slowly its charging. I thought the 2000ma charger would be quite quick. Also the AC Plug gets quite hot, again, is this normal?

P.S I described this problem to the guys at phoenixdistribution who are the suppliers for NZ and they said to take it back and have it replaced, which I did but the replacement unit is taking just as long to charge.

Thanks for any help.


Oct 16, 2012
Hi DevonNZ. Chargers do tend to get quite warm while charging your device and unless it gets really too hot to touch you should not be concerned, just make sure there is plenty of air circulation around the charger and never cover it with anything. 5 to 6 hours charging should be normal for a large tablet and even longer if the device is used during this cycle. Charging overnight is usually recommended unless you need it a lot. You can shut the tablet down at any time, your device is probably just set to sleep mode when not used and will be active during charging with screen off unless you change that in settings. Read your manual fully to see how to use the various settings. Enjoy your tablet!


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hi Devon, congratulations on your new Vigo tablet and welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets.