Vimeo & Redbox Instant Coming to Chromecast; HBO Go, Plex, Pandora & More Maybe Next


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Jan 5, 2011

Despite some minor annoyances with the "still needs some work" browser functionality, for the most part the new Chromecast is getting great reviews across the web. It's also selling like hotcakes and is already sold out and backordered on most online retailers. This instant popularity with consumers has been noticed. A slew of companies are working hard to bring their services quickly to the new device.

Besides the obvious YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play services which came with the device, now both Vimeo and Redbox Instant are confirmed as coming soon to the Chromecast. That's not all though. The list of companies interested in developing their services for the device also includes: Plex, HBO Go, Pandora, AOL and Revision3.

It's amazing how quickly things are moving for this brand new technology upstart. It makes you wonder why Google didn't think of something like this for the GoogleTV before...

Luckily Google revealed that many of the Chromecast features are coming to GoogleTV. It's interesting to see how Google is merging and evolving their products.

Source: via TalkAndroid


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Dec 12, 2012
Chromecast was only recently released, and yes, its functionality is still a little limited. For the price though, no one can complain. But, there’s no denying, it has more potential. It can only stream from supported apps at the moment, and while app developers are working on adding support, other developers are looking to push Chromecast forward in different ways. Developer Koush has created a feature for CyanogenMod that allows any app that uses standard Android audio and video APIs to stream to a Chromecast dongle.