VirtualBox Android Tablet PC runs under Windows XP


Jan 4, 2011
My new SuperPAD (Flytouch 2) now has an alter ego called "VirtualBox" on my Dell PC running Windows XP.

I found out about VirtualBox (VirtualBox) on another forum and set it up as an Android Tablet PC. Once you install VirtualBox on your PC, you go get "HJSplit" ( Then, download the two part Google Android ISO ( and into the same folder as hjsplit.

Now you can "Join" the two ISO parts using HJsplit; click on Join and select the first part - .001 and click Start. The combined ISO will be saved in the same directory as the parts. Once you have the complete ISO, then capture the ISO image in your virtual PC and boot from it. You will now have a virtual Android Tablet window running within Windows.

I have been trying to figure out how to get the SuperPAD to recognize a USB Flash Drive. Even though it is rooted to find USB mouse and keyboard, I have not been able to get it to see a FAT32 formatted Flash drive. Till Now. All the experts say there are no drivers.

Using my new Virtual Tablet PC, I was able to format a Flash Drive. The Flash Drive is now recognized by the SuperPAD.

Here's another tip. Need an external WIFI adapter to pick up weak signals. Try the Rockland "N3" for Mac computers. Just turn the SuperPAD WIFI "Off" and plug it into one of the USB ports. It to doesn't seem to need drivers.