Vizio VTAB1008 Unofficial Release Notes / Update History Thread


Jul 3, 2012
Hey everyone! I got my Vizio tablet back in October 2011 and played around with it for many months, but recently it had seen little use and was still running Gingerbread. I recently "rediscovered" it by stumbling onto these forums and seeing the discussions being made on what I thought was a non-existent community. Upon finding this site and reading countless threads about updates to the Vizio tablet, having issues with specific versions, rooting, etc., I thought it would be useful to have a general thread showing just the update history and what the release notes say with each notification. Some searches online didn't give me a simple release notes list like I wanted so I'm making one here and now.

I grabbed the info from different threads in this forum as well as Google searching. Therefore, no guarantees the below information is accurate! If anyone can fill in any blanks to the below information (or correct mistakes), please post! :)

P.S. Future updates should still deserve their own thread as they happen, and I'll just update this post with the new release notes when possible.

Current version:

V.I.A. Plus 2.1
Android 3.2.1 HTK55 (Honeycomb)
Build 2.3.64
This release includes:
* NEW Parental Controls
* Netflix HD support
* Security updates
* System improvements

Previous versions:

V.I.A. Plus 2.0
Android 3.2.1 HTK55 (Honeycomb)
Build ???
Note: Can try side-loading Flash Player with Honeycomb
New in this release:
* Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
* System Improvements

V.I.A. Plus 1.5
Android 2.3.2 GRH78C
Build number 1.9.57
Note: When I had updated my Vizio tablet to 1.5, the "About Device" screen still showed the version number as 1.4; only the build number increased to 1.9.57 (consensus between it and 1.9.56 was simply to prevent root).
Note: For those running the Vtab on older versions, you have to update to this version of the software in order to get the Honeycomb update notification. I kept mine at 1.4 for a long time (and suffered through nagging "your tablet requires an update" messages) until I went to 1.5, then was instantly given the prompt for the Honeycomb update.
Included in this update:
Mandatory Operating System Update

V.I.A. Plus 1.4
Android 2.3.2 GRH78C
Build number 1.9.56
*missing the update info! I think 1.4 added a new Hulu Plus trial...*

V.I.A. Plus 1.3
Android 2.3?
Build ???
Kernel ???
Included in this update:
* Netflix preloaded - you can now stream your Netflix content
* Android system security updates
* General system improvements

V.I.A. Plus 1.2
Android 2.3?
Build ???
Kernel ???
New Features Included with this Update:
Improved Touch Screen
* Smoother scrolling
* Faster launching of applications
* Quicker touch response
Updated Remote Control Database
QVGA video support

Random Note: For me, the Adobe Flash Player version that shipped with my tablet (running V.I.A. Plus 1.1) was
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