Voip calls to other countries - can I use my balance on google?


May 23, 2011
Ok, the whole google voice / google chat / google talk has become rather complicated to follow because they all sound like the same thing, yet are not... What is the voice calling capability found in Gmail called officially?

Here's what I'm looking to do:
I used the phone call function in Gmail to call abroad a few weeks ago via my laptop. I put about $10 into my balance there because it was cheaper per minute to call outside the US than Skype was.

Now, I'm trying to make those calls from my G-tablet, and wishing I had picked Skype to put the $10 credit on! Skype seems pretty straight forward- install it on the tab, make calls.
I tried going to Gmail from the browser and seeing if there was a link to install an app or something to make calls (like there is on the desktop side of things), but there is nothing there.
Is this part of a google chat application or something? Or is there no way to use that calling credit on an Android device??