W9 vs iPad


Dec 15, 2010
W9 can play 720P video while iPad can not.
Apple iPad make the tablet reborn while Microsoft never could do it. But you know iPad is not alone in this wild world. Can this W9 tablet beat iPad or just a kidding product? We will find out the result after this review.
First of all, the screen is the most important one because it shows us a vision of the tablet. iPad is 9.7 inch and W9 is 7 inch. 7 inch (16:9) is better than the 9.7 inch (5:4) for the portable ability. W9 can play 720P video while iPad can not. Price? You just buy it without paying more. OK now you know that who wins? Please visit here for more detail information:
<img src='http://www.chinamobilephonereview.com/RIG/image.php?image_id=9' height='100'>
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