Welcome to the Zeki Android Tablet section here at AndroidTablets.net!


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Mar 16, 2011

Welcome to the new Zeki Android Tablet section here at AndroidTablets.net!

Zeki will be offering a 7" and 10" tablet. More information can be found here - http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...two-new-android-tablets-come-market-zeki.html


Jun 13, 2012
Has anyone came across any way to add the "Google Apps" to this series of tablets?

So far I've personally only came across a way to add it to one of their tablets, the 7" model Zeki TB782B. The instructions are at How to Install Google Apps in Zeki 7 inch Tablet

Please get back your experiences if you try it. Sadly this method only works with this model ZEKI. If it works perhaps it can be ported to the other models.

According to ZEKI the "Google Market", and "Google Play Store" not compatible.

The only other thing I've located that might someday work is an app I located called GAPPSInstaller.apk. Sadly it was written for another android device. Maybe a developer can rewrite it to work on ZEKI tablets.

I've read these tablets came pre-rooted at the factory. Two key apps I'd love to run on this tablet are Avast and Adaway. Ad away will not install at all simply because it needs full root access. Avast will run but the Firewall section can't be loaded because of no root access.

I'm pleased with my 10" ZEKI but need to run all the basic security software, and backup tools to help keep it safe. Other than Avast one of the first softwares I would install would be the ClockWorkMod series of apps to be able in some way create complete backups of the ROM for safekeeping to my PC. And a disk image of complete SDCard.

Only if we can someday get it fully rooted and play store up on them all we will be happy campers. It has the potential to be just as good as Cyanogenmod 10.


Jun 12, 2013
I have one that I have got google play on and it works great but now i want to put ubuntu on and boy its been a ***** but I have it rooted and all the adb drivers on my computer and everything would be great but I hit a wall with not being able to add or remove files from my device root directory I have su on it and rom manager, esfiles manager and I get access to the root directory but cant delete or add files to it. and everything else works just great, more than great actually I was really suprised with how good it does work but I think maybe I have the wrong root rom on it I just dont know. All I do know is its kicking my ass help!!!!!please tbd753b
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