What 7" Tablet Will Do My Specific Travel Business Needs?


Nov 22, 2011
Hi Folks.

I have a travel business and am going to move from a netbook down to a tablet. I have some very specific needs and I can't find a tablet that do them all. But I bet somone here can direct me. And thanks ahead of time for help.

1. Must be 7" tablet or less (the small size is essential).
2. Able to connect to a folding keyboard, either via USB or BlueTooth.
3. Must have Host Mode ability for reading SD memory cards, or through some sort of USB card reader. We take lots of pictures and need to back them up on the trip by putting them on the tablet.
4. Good Wifi and web browser.
5. Play rented movies from iTunes (or some similar company). We watch them on the airplane and in the airport and it is an essential time killer. Headphone outlet for this.
6. Good text based app available like Notepad++.
7. Ability to work with XLS spreadsheets, or at least imput items in a precreated spreadsheet.
8. Enough battery life to play a minimum of two movies during one flight.
9. Ideally it should have at least 20mb of available storage for pictures and other files.
10. Multitasking two programs at once would be nice, like having a web page open and being able to also have running a Notepad app.

That's all. Are there any 7" tablets that will do all of that? Or maybe some coming out soon that I should wait for? I don't need to buy for probably four months. In some respects the cost does not matter if it will do everything I need with some speed and reliability.

Thanks again for your help.

P.S. Please don't suggest a 10". There is a very specific reason why the tablet can't be that big.