What are your recommendations?


Nov 24, 2010
Hi all,

Brand new here and looking for an Android Tablet and wanted your best recommendation. Basically I just have a couple of requirements. One would be flash support so I imagine that would limit to Froyo. Actually that's the main requirement but preferably 10" but 7" ok and preferably capacitive but can settle for good resistive.

Looked at the Galaxy but price is a bit much (don't want a phone plan).

Looked at the Archos and was going to purchase the 7" or 10" but Archos can't ship to Hawai'i for whatever reason so unless there is somewhere else I can get it from I'm outta luck there.

Viewsonic is a possibility but heard it's not that good without doing a lot of mods which I don't mind doing if they are stable and have good instructions on doing it.

If anyone has any other recommendations I'd like to hear what they are.