What Is The Android Operating System?


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Jul 18, 2018
What is the Android operating system?
Android is a Linux based open source operating system designed for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Initially, Android was developed by Android Corporation, with financial backing from Google, later acquired by Google itself in 2005 and the Android operating system was launched in 2007. The first phone running Android is HTC Dream on sale October 22, 2008.

It's open source code with a no-obligation license that allows device developers, carriers, and programmers to adjust and distribute Android freely. These factors helped Android become the most popular smartphone platform in the world. Android accounted for 75% of the worldwide smartphone market by the third quarter of 2012, with a total of 500 million active devices and 1.3 million active connections per day. In October 2012, there were about 700,000 Android apps, and app downloads from Google Play (Android's main app store) were estimated at 25 billion. This number has fallen due to the impact of iOS from Apple and a small part of Windows Phone, but Android still leads the market.

The Android user interface is based on the principle of direct impact, using touch-sensitive actions similar to real-life moves such as swiping, touching, scrolling, and zooming to handle objects on the screen.