What Model Is My ASUS Tablet?!


Junior Member
Apr 22, 2015
Hello, I wanted to ask what model my tablet REALLY is. I received this tablet as a gift from my father, and I obviously wanted to root and flash this device. However, when I looked for a model number, I found conflicting results.

The tablet likes to call it's self K010, but the model number on the box says that the tablet model is TF301C.

When I search for either model number, I get nothing but results for other tablets that are not even close to mine. Can anybody help me with this problem? Is it bootlegged or not?

Tablet is an Asus (Transformer Pad?) Tablet with an Intel Atom CPU with baytrail GPU. It has ASUS branding all over it. If you guys need pictures, I can post. I just really want to know what my tablet is really called, because it's apparently not either name.