What tablet / eReader to get for searching through huge PDF library?


Jan 27, 2012
Hi Forum, I'm looking for some tablet / eReader purchasing advice.

I have huge amounts of (mostly greyscale) PDFs, that I would like to access from an Android tablet, possibly eReader (eInk). To make good use of them, the device I'll buy will need to run an App that does PDF full text indexing. I think, but am not quite sure, that Evernote for instance can do this (any ideas on other apps?).

I've read that some of the e-ink eReaders are Android devices, but have locked-down markets (Nook, I think?). Another option would maybe be a rooted Sony eReader. I'd prefer to get an eInk device, but that's not strictly important. What's really crucial for me is that I can use SD-cards (or such) to give the device enough storage for the PDFs, and that some PDF indexing app will run / be available from a market.

Does anyone have experience with using an eReader in such a way?