What's the difference?


Oct 31, 2011
Hi there,

I am a University student and type all of my notes on my computer. However my computer is getting old and I would like to use it only for my personal use.
I have seen a few fellow students using tablets with keyboards to type notes, essays and work on projects.

So I need a device that will allow me to download a decent Word Document App, a slide out keyboard or a detachable keyboard, a usb port to plug in my external hard drive and printer, wi-fi capabilities, and a good battery life.
Does anyone know any tablets that sound appropriate for my needs?

I have had a close look at quite a few different ones and many sound really good. However, I have had Apple products my entire life and really know nothing about anything but those.


Nov 5, 2010
sounds to me like you want to be doing real work...if you are going to be typing lots using a keyboard dock all the time would just mean you may as well get a netbook or notebook.

a netbook can do all those things for $300 or less and while it's not very powerful it is more powerful and versatile than a tablet. If you need more power I suggest a 13" macbook if that's what you're used to. Otherwise a 15" windows based notebook for about $500 hits the sweet spot in terms of power and usability although less portable.