Where can I download card games for a Huawei Ideos S7?


Sep 17, 2012
For the last three days I have been signed into Google on every platform including Play, using both my tablet and my computer. My tablet is a Huawei (WOWEE) Ideos S7 which is on Google Play's list of compatable devices. No matter what I try I keep getting an error message that says I have to click some white shopping bag icon on my tablet to allow the download.

The problem is that the bag icon does not exist anywhere on the tablet or their site. Then the site tells me I don't have a registered device to use on Google Play. How the hell are you supposed to register anything if you are already signed in on their servers 10 ways to Sunday? I have followed all of their instructions and I'm getting nowhere but frustrated. I have no idea how to register my device on this annoying site because Customer service is as useless as the FAQ page. WTH?
Not to mention contacting support got me nowhere fast. The reply I got sounded like a cut and paste job from some idiot that couldn't be bothered to read the information I typed in my initial email. The guy called me Huawei. There's a confidence builder. I am so fed up with Google Play.

Does anyone know of a BETTER website to find the card games I am looking for? All I want is to download free cell so I can entertain mysef at work on my lunch hour. They don't have WiFi so the games can't be online games. How do I find the app for Free cell that I can use on a Huawei Ideos S7 without going to Google Play?:confused:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me. ;)