where did u guys buy tablets?


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May 25, 2012
Buy locally, or check very carefully before you mail-order. Some foreign tablets don't have access to the local market to download apps. Others may have restrictions imposed by foreign countries.


Oct 30, 2012
I just bought two for gifts at a on-line place called Tophatter auctions . Only received one so far model number 88009766 you can see basic specs on my page . Was really glitchy at first but seems to be working pretty good right now . It does only have 1Ghz which is evidently to low to use Netflix which is one thing I wanted it .for It's an auction site so shipping can take 10-21 days but read the description carefully before bidding as what they leave out of specs is often more important then what they say . I paid 85 for one and over paid 138 (with shipping) for the first one before I read up on them . Buyer be ware but I've seen them go for 70 if you stay up for late auctions .