which android tablet!?


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Jul 16, 2014
I am looking for a sub £100 7" tablet.

My research....I have looked into this price range of tablets and have shortlisted a few with a few comments for each below. Any guidance on these or if I've missed a diamond in the rough I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

1. Asus Memo pad HD7 - Seems like a really nice spec and ticks a lot of boxes... very similar to the nexus 7(2012). My concerns are the glass screen as it doesn't seem to get any mention of positive in the reviews. This tablet is £99 at Tesco Direct and you can get a further £10 off for being a first time customer, this brings it down to £89 which seems quite decent.

2. Nexus 7 (2012) - This tablet I have had a play with and seems very nicely built and the screen is strong. It is nicely specced and is sub £100 at Argos(£99.99). I think this seems very similar to the memo pad but it has no rear camera. Don't know which would be better but this is also £10 dearer after the discount.

3. Lenovo s5000 - This tablet seems to get the biggest bashing in the reviews but still .... it looks quite cool I think. The massive positive for this tablet in my eyes are that it is available for £96.65 from amazon and Lenovo are currently doing £30 cashback on this tablet. Seems a lot of tablet for £66.65.

The trouble is I don't want to hamper playing games etc on the tablet so want a decent enough tablet to play a lot of the games available on the play store.

Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.