Which PDAs/Touch devices have you owned?


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Sep 24, 2010
Just for fun I thought it might be interesting to see what PDAs people have owned over the years. I am going to include some phones on the list, but only those that also contained at least my calendar and todos. So, here in reverse order is my list:

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 - 2011
Motorola Xoom - 2011
HTC Thunderbolt - 2011
ViewSonic gTab - 2010
Huawei S7 - 2010
HTC Incredible - 2010
Augen Gentouch 7/8 - 2010
Samsung Omnia - 2008
HTC Touch (Vogue) - 2007
Nokia 770 - 2007
Motorola Q - 2004 (not a touch device, but a full PDA none-the-less)
HP Journada - 2002 (got it because the Casio was recalled)
Casio Cassiopeia - 2002
Palm IIIc - 2001
Apple Newton 2100 - 1999
Apple Newton 130 - 1997
Apple Newton 100 - 1995

(edit - forgot my Nokia 770!)
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Jul 9, 2010
Too lazy to figure out the dates...

Palm Tungsten T3
HTC Dream G1
HTC Magic G2 (32A)
Acer Liquid E

The following are not really touchbased:
HP Pavilion TX2500 (Wacom pen + touch)
HP Compaq 2710p
Lenovo Thinkpad X200T


Dec 30, 2010
My list isn't too amazing but I'll post it anyways... :)

Motorola Droid X
iPod Touch 3G
iPhone 3GS
Nintendo DSi
HTC Dream G1
Motorola Droid 1
Blackberry Storm
Motorola Q


Mar 16, 2011
-Palm Zire (b&w).
Did not impress me at all. I found a pad of paper to be far superior.
-ASUS Mypal A620.
Much better, but still not great. Had some nice features like auto-adjust CPU speed to save battery, which at the time was a novel idea.
-Nokia 3300.
Not a true PDA but yet still got more use out of it because the core features were so damn good. Little things like the full qwerty keypad that was comfortable and fast. Good calendar and notepad. Wide range of support for music formats, and any of them could be used as ringtones (a feature that is still lack on many phones today). When I went to the Nokia 6230 I got a slimmer form factor but lost the convenience of a full keypad, which I always missed.
Nokia 3300 Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)
It may look stupid but trust me when I say it was incredibly good and changed my perception of cell phones. Up to that point all I had was the Moto C333 which is regarded as one of the worst phones ever made.

-Nokia E71.
Great but not perfect and by the time it came out the iPhone and most android devices were kicking its butt. Symbian is nice but didnt keep up with the rest of the world.
-BB 8330.
Bought it for my mom and played with it for a day before handing it over. Very nice overall. But I dont think I'd ever want a blackberry for myself, especially as the sole device.
First Android and I liked it a lot but found I didnt need to spend that kind of money for such limited features. Returned it after a week.
-LG Voyager.
Like the above Nokia it was more multimedia than Smart, but it was a darn good phone simply for the nice display and excellent keyboard. Also had decent built in apps for notepad and calendar. In fact its my favorite keyboard of all. Still have it. Recently pulled it out of the box and charged battery. Forgot how nice a phone it had been. The media player was very clunky but everything else was great. Screen still looks good compared to whats out there now even if its small. Also the resistive touch screen worked much better than some recent devices I've used.
- Palm Pre.
Very pretty but did not impress me at all. Keyboard was a pain. Returned after three days but Sprint screwed me. Charged cancellation fee and 3 months service. Will never trust them again.
- The Droid.
Best darn phone I have ever used. Much better than the G1 in both hardware and software. In fact its display is still used as the benchmark against which all other Android devices are judged. Verizon iPhone 4: Thoroughly Reviewed - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
Scroll down to Brightness and Contrast. On overall scores only the Droid 2 is better.
The capacitive touch is awesome, made all the more poignant by some recent resistive screens I've used. The keyboard isnt as good as the Voyager but many new Droids dont have any hardware keyboard. Also its the only Android phone Verizon sold that wasnt loaded with their crap, or Motorolas crap. And an unlocked bootloader. What else? The GPS navigation is great. 3g speeds are good but I always prefer wifi when I have it. It got updates right away, in fact I just got 2.22 this morning. Looks like it will never have 2.3 but no big deal. 2.2 was the major improvement, especially with the UI. Oh, and gorilla glass is friggen awesome! I've had this puppy in my pocket along with a fat knife, multi-tool, keys, change and it never gets scratched. Also easy to rub off smears and smudges. Just wipe it on my jeans and it looks great.
When my contract expires I am keeping this puppy as a PDA. Wifi can do everything. And I rarely make calls or send SMS or MMS. I can use a tracfone for that.

Oh, and for reference I grew up in Brooklyn Park.
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Mar 8, 2011
I can't remember all the dates, but here are some PDAs

Psion Series 1 - around 1988
Psion series 2 - around 1989
Psion series 3
Psion series 5
Psion series 7 - post 2000
Pogo - amazing Cloud device - with web browser, text, phone and email; touch screen, 2.5G mobile connection, PDA sized - all around 2003
Various Ericsson phones

More recently
Nokia N90
Nokia N93
Nokia N95
Nokia N97
Nokia N900
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung / Google Nexus S
Avent Vega Tablet


Aug 7, 2010
Some old B&W Palm
Palm Zire 71
iPod touch 2nd Gen
generic Chinese Android tablet
Augen Gentouch
Viewsonic G-Tab
generic cereal mail in order PDA

And probably a few more that I have forgotten about!


Mar 26, 2011
Everything Q - which got me started in foruming (i guess thats a word)
Htc Touch Pro (gimped) - LOVED this device and this is where my Rom-ing started
Htc Incredible - My first android device and SO much easier working with then WM. however there are things I do miss in WM.


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Apr 29, 2011
iPod touch 2nd gen- I got this as my first PDA and LOVED it.

Blackberry world edition- Very pretty but missing a camera (what were you thinking rim??)

iPod touch 4th gen- I use this everyday because it is great but using it less and less because of...

Flytouch II/SuperPAD- My hands down favorite device that I have owned. It does everything but can be a little bit slow sometimes so I am contemplating a viewpoint 10

Samoa Joe

May 16, 2011
uplade3, the the World Edition was made for business men and women that were not allowed cameras in the workplace, but needed something with an enterprise server for their email, that's why that the WE came without a camera, but was able to be used overseas.


BlackBerry Pearl 8100.
BlackBerry Curve 8310.
TWO BlackBerry Bold 9000's (Unlocked).
BlackBerry Storm 2 (Unlocked).
BlackBerry Pearl Flip (Unlocked).
Nokia E71X.
Nokia N95 8GB (Unlocked).
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (Unlocked).
Generic Nokia N95 knockoff (Unlocked/Garbage).
Palm Trio (Unlocked).
iPhone (First Gen/Unlocked/Jailbroken).
iPhone 3G (Jailbroken/Unlocked).
LG Handy Smart (Unlocked).
HTC Tilt.
LG Vu.
Google G1 (Unlocked).
Nintendo DS.
iPad (First Gen/Jailbroken).
iPod Touch (First Gen/Jailbroken).
iPod Touch (Second Gen/Jailbroken).
Acer Iconia Tab A500 (Rooted).
iPhone 4 (Current/Jailbroken).

I know there are more devices, I just can't think of it at the moment. Keep in mind, I just turned 19....and have had the iPhone 4 since the day it came out.



May 8, 2011
Palm Treo 750
Evo 4g (current phone)
Viewsonic GTablet rooted running CM7

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May 30, 2011
Going to add my past collection.
Palm Zire - still got somewhere.
Compaq 3950 -still got but dead.
HP Jordana
Nokia E61 mobile phone - was good when it worked.
The original Nokia Communicator Best mobile phone based unit before touch screens came along
Currently use Sony Ericson Xperia X 10mini pro which was an upgrade from my Google G1

Use HP HX2490 at work with specialist built CF cards.


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Feb 15, 2011
Palm runs deep in my blood:

Palm Pilot Professional (2mb upgrade)
Handera 320
Sony Clie S320
Sony Clie NR70V
Palm Treo 600
Sony Clie TJ25
Palm TX
Huawei S7 Slim

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