Why are there no Android version designations for software?


Jul 30, 2010
I'm stuck with a kitted black PDN for a bit, and it's really annoying that Android apps are not categorized by OS version (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, etc.).

I spend so much time trying to install software only to find out that I can't because it's for a newer version of Android than what I have.

To me, it would be so simple to state what version an app is for. Maybe the app store covers that, I don't know since I can't use it. But, there's got to be a bunch of 1.5 apps out there, only I have no way of knowing.

It really seems to me that as software is updated to the newest Android OS version, the older versions are being lost. I've found many apps which had a version for 1.5, but once the dev updated them to 2.x, I can't find the 1.5 version anymore.

That fact alone makes me hesitant to purchase a new, pricey Android device. It's almost as bad as Apple and how quickly they obsolete their hardware through lack of new software support on "old" devices.

Anyone else find this annoying?

How do you find apps for 1.5?


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Aug 6, 2010
I do sympathize. I really do. The problem is more with the app creators and the known limitations of cupcake-1.5. My recommendation is for you to research the app online prior to download. There are app reviews for the more popular apps and many times they list any known incompatible versions.
The best line of thought though is:
Cupcake-1.5 -Many incompatibilities, research before installing
Donut-1.6 - Some incompatility, Most apps work, but may have to use older version
Eclair-2.0.1/2.1 - Very little incompatibility
Froyo-2.2 - usually incompatible with old versions, but generally compatible.

Please NOTE: Many if not most apps were designed for phones and expect a phone number or phone size screen. This is why some apps do not expand to full screen.


Dec 10, 2010
If you spend "so much time trying to install software", then you should look into using appbrain.

When I want to install an app for my PHONE, appbrain won't let me install it if the app doesn't support my PHONE.

I capitalize the word phone because I don't know how appbrain will work on a tablet. I don't have one.