Why are there no "sweet" priced tablets?


Dec 30, 2010
Before I start I'll explain that I live in England therefore will be using GBP as the currency, and what I mean by "sweet" is that a price most people are willing to pay almost impulsively, a mid market product.

I've been looking for a tablet for a week now, I've just gotten £250 ($400) from selling my laptop and I was pondering a netbook or a tablet, although after looking for just a day on the popular computer hardware websites; amazon, ebay, some phone shops and a few others I've come to the personal conclusion that there are either expensive tablets, or stupidly cheap tablets that have almost no brand and are called "aPad".

There is little information about tablets other than forums such as these that actually give you any hint about what kind of tablet is up for sale, most of them have obscure names as said above or no name at all, just saying "10.2' tablet, 1GHZ Processor", now that's all fine and dandy but you could be buying something with a terrible touch screen, etc.

Back on topic though, I was looking for something that most people would buy immediately, after asking a few friends of mine (whom all have tablets of some sort) they told me to get a Galaxy tab, Dell Streak or others that cost over £400.
There really needs to be a tablet that fits the market that people will buy without thinking back on, £250 is still considered a lot of money but from what you get with a "good" tablet, it's money you can throw around.

To end the thread, there really needs to be a tablet that when someone asks "I have $400, what should I get?" most people will immediately say said tablet without hesitation, just like with other markets (phones & laptops in particular) have.
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Dec 29, 2010
Hi man, I just wrote a thread for poeple like us who seek at the best tablet in this bugdet :)