Why S Note is sluggish?


Junior Member
Dec 5, 2014
Hi, I own the original note 10.1 and "upgraded" to 2014 edition this week. I installed all the update including today's. However, I found S Note extremely slow -- much slower than the original note 10.1.

When I tried to import files, it took 8 sec to connect to Samsung account and 16 sec to connect to Google drive. Turning a page in a 6 page snb file took 2.5 sects, and launching S Note took 3 secs. It is much slower than the original note 10.1 (the original note 10.1 only need 1 sec to turn one page, launching often took shorter than 2 sec. Importing from dropbox was also smooth and fast). Is that normal?

The other problem I encountered is that I uploaded some ppt files to google drive this morning so I could import them into S Note. However, S Note failed to access these files while google drive App had no problem retrieving them.

I thought I might have purchased a defective unit, and ran Quadrant bench mark to see how well it performs. My Note 10.1 (2014) scored 19643 this morning. It seems normal, but I just don't understand why S Note becomes so slow. Suggestions?