Why won't my tablet turn on?


Dec 23, 2011
Hi, so .... A few days ago I was given this Tablet Viewbook730, it all went great til yesterday.
I was playing Jelly Defense and had to pause it cause i had to leave, when I was back I tried to unlock it but the screen wouldn't respond when touching it, I exactly don't know how but I could at last unlock it (after many minutes). So I kept on playing, later at night the Tablet told me the battery was low, I didn't do anything and continued playing until the screen turned off by itself.
I thought it was just a battery problem so I charged it all night long. When I woke up this morning I tried to turn it on but I soon realized it wouldn't do anything.
I know it's on because when I disconnect it from the charger and wait a few minutes it starts charging again and when it's full it stops doing it (the red led light goes white).
So that's my problem
What should I do?


Dec 26, 2011
Try resetting it. In my Coby Kyros MID8125 there a pin hole for reset. Insert a thin paper cliff then press the On button.