Wifi Connection Failure


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Jul 11, 2016
Hi, I been trying to trouble shoot this issue all night/morning. I have a Polaroid Tablet
Model Number p902/a900, The Tablet has no problem connecting to my work wifi but refuses to connect to my home network. When I try to connect for a split second it says connect as well as shows the signal strength to decrease a significant amount. Afterword it simply says saved for a few seconds with signal strength at maximum, fallowed by another drop in signal strength and saying connecting. This continues for a little while back and fourth between connecting and saved before displaying, "Wifi Connection Failure."

I have tried many different things to trouble shoot this, here is a list of all those I can remember.

Restarting Router

double checked password

Forget wifi and reconnect

Static IP connect

Return to manufacturer settings

Change router channel

Tripple checked password

Change security to WPAWPA2

Prayed really hard

There maybe a few other things I might have tried but to no avail. Im pretty much out of Ideas.


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Dec 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum

I would try one additional hotspot, not work, and if it works there it just may be time for a new router. You pretty much covered all the things I would have suggested you try. That change in the security type was much needed. If you were on WEP that's not very good and some versions of Android have issues with it.

The one thing I didn't see is that you restart the router to defaults. (and no security, as a test)