Wifi Connectivity Issue


Sep 15, 2011
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I have a desktop computer at home. My roommate and I both also have laptops. Our internet service including wifi is through Comcast. The router is also supplied through Comcast. I believe it is a proprietary router.

We are both able to connect our laptops to the Comcast home wifi with no problems whatsoever. However over a year ago, I bought an
iPhone 3GS and have never been able to get my wifi to work with it. It connects to the network and shows the wifi symbol with good
strength but will not open anything on the internet, just searches and times out. In the beginning I placed numerous calls to Apple (who said the problem was thru Comcast) and also to Comcast (who said the problem was the iPhone). I am able to get my business wifi
network to work with it so am fairly certain it is not an issue with the iPhone. All this being said, I have been working around this problem
and have not missed being able to use my home wifi with my phone.

Now I have an android tablet (actually a Nook Color with an N2A card) and am finding it more imperative to attempt to resolve this issue. I'd like to be able to enjoy using the internet on my tablet at home but am having the same connection problem. The wifi network shows up and shows connection with good strength but almost always times out and does not get me to the internet. I have been able to connect to the web a few times when it has SLOWLY opened the page but that's it.

Sorry for the lengthy post but would love some help here. Anyone have any suggestions??? Not very technically savvy so any assistance is very much appreciated! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!