WiFi not working correctly


Dec 30, 2010
Firmware: Android 1.6 (although it says 2.2 in 'about device' I believe 2.2 is false)
Model: generic
Kernel version: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build number: WMT2.1.2
Memory size: 256M

The only identification on the box is MID, the user manual seems to be for 3 different models. Included in the box is a stylus, usb, and cable adapter. There is a small sticker that says Z Y C with some Chinese (?) characters above, this may just be a quality sticker. The headphone jack is light/mint green. The case is black all around. The push buttons include power (on the side top), volume (on the side) next to menu (on the side), and a home square (on the bottom face).

From reading forums and looking at pictures my best guess is it’s a Flytouch clone/generic.

Intended use for this tablet is basic internet... email, Youtube, Facebook.

Now the problem is connecting to my home network via WiFi. The settings show the connection has been made and the signal is very strong however when I try to use applications such as Youtube or the browser I receive errors saying that there is no connection, timed out, etc. No internet applications work.
Also I cannot turn on Bluetooth in the settings to make my device discoverable. This unit may not even have Bluetooth for all I know but the option is there in the settings.

My question would be what can I possibly do to get this thing surfing the web? Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Oct 25, 2010
Send it back to the supplier. You got a faulty or weak wifi. I experienced this before and opened my apad and repositioned the wifi, still weak but it connects. If you are an adventurous apad owner you can try opening up your apad and try the wifi while the apad has no cover and see if the signal if being block by the casing.