Will not turn on


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Apr 3, 2015
I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It won't turn on. I bought a pry tool kit. I pryed the case open and then disconnected the battery for a while. I also pushed down the power button while the battery was disconnected (a little trick I do when servicing laptops to make sure the motherboard doesn't have any amount of power on it.) It still won't turn on.

The next thing I was wondering was if I'm using the wrong charger. I have been charging the tablet for a while now using generic chargers and ac to usb adapters. I've had a few experiences lately where certain devices have to use the charger that came with it even though they're all the same mini usb connector. Well, I took it to Best Buy and went to the Samsung station and asked them to plug it into an authentic samsung charger. Still didn't turn on. Any other suggestions? I've tried the holding the power and volume up for 30 seconds and also power and volume down for 30 seconds. Nothing is working.


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Dec 27, 2011
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Sounds broken;) Seriously, you are beginning to run out of options and have done everything I would have suggested. It may be the charging port or charging circuit but it sound pretty dead. You nay want to ping Samsung.