Wirelession W1090


May 20, 2010
Was just looking around and found a new android tablet.

Wirelession Electronics Ltd.

It is supposed to have a 10 hour battery life! the thing with the current tablets available is they were lacking a good battery and this may be the first one with a good one.

here are the specs

* CPU: Marvell PXA303 624MHZ DDR-RAM 128M

* OS: Android 1.5 (APK Application installer workable, access to thousands of Android application)

* 7" TFT touch screen 800 X 480p, support video up to 720P

* NAND FLASH 256 MB(up to16GB)

* Battery life: 10 hours for music with regular use of video, WiFi during.

* Rotatable display, G sensor. Track/confirm ball, Menu, home and back button for easy track

* WiFi wireless network, PC level Internet experience, Android QQ/MSN/SKYPE, online games online chat

* Built in 3GWCDMA/EVDO modem (Not ready)

* GPS(Not ready)

* Video player, Audio player, PDF/MS Office/Image reader

* Size around 207 x 118 x 18MM. Weight: 600g



Let me know what you guys think


Nov 23, 2010
I doubt that this device gets any more battery life than any of the others (it says 6, not 10). I would believe 4 hours. It is very low on RAM and a slow CPU. It doesn't even seem available, I count find the buy link (which the other tablets on this site have).