Wits tablet update


Oct 15, 2010
I have a wits tablet and I updated the firmware and immediatedly after it stopped working, it was perfect before, is this is fixable issue?


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Aug 6, 2010
Which Firmware did you from and to? You generally can recover and apply the firmware again. But the recommendation I have is be sure you have followed the directions in creating the flash card. Remember I take no responsibility for your flashing. You must understand what you are doing.
Remove the Battery for five minutes before doing the flash. Reinsert battery.
1. Use the HP format tool on the MicroSD card
2. Copy the files in the correct order as instructed on the instructions of the Flash files
3. Install the MicroSD card. I suggest not using the little rubber cover. Make sure you have it in all the way
4. plug in the Power adapter
5. Boot with the Power Button and the Left Power button (- volume) at the same time, Hold until the device powers up and then a few seconds longer
6. The top of the boot screen will show progress let it complete. Do NOT remove the MicroSD card until complete. (5-10 min total)

The unit is hard to brick. About the only way to really brick it is removing the MicroSD card as it is flashing.

Our site does not have a strong support group for the A81-E on flashing. You would be better served going to Slatedroid and the Witstech tech forum. I am just being honest. Our site is strong on other tabs. But not so much technically for A81. That is where the Froyo build for the A81 may be found too.