Wondering which one should I get


Jan 6, 2011
Early October I was looking at Archos 70, and had tried to order it since it is in stock. But no luck on it and still haven't got one yet...
And now, from CES, different tablet are coming out, and of course also honeycomb.
Still interest in A70, but also with galaxy tab with the $500 from verizon. But there is newer galaxy tab coming soon, wifi only, and 4G (is that only one or two different?)
I don't need 3G/4G at all, but might want to try someday.
If the galaxy tab is lower than $500, I would still can support it.
I would use it for school, some document, music, quit a lot of movies, also might want to gaming.
Also, can someone tell me some different of A70 and galaxy tab? which one should be better for me?
Thanks all