WOOW!Digital i-7U


Jul 4, 2011
I just got a Woow!Digital i-7U. Wonderful! My first experience
with a tablet. HOWEVER...

My complaint (after getting a friend who is a programmer at Microsoft to set up the wi-fi) is that the battery will not charge to 100% or even hold a charge for very long. Even when leaving the tablet off the battery goes dead in no time.
The instructions are vague, there was no mention of help files loaded on the tablet. The charger supplied with the unit isn't for North America, necessitating the additional purchase of an adapter.
I have not received ANY reply from them asking for help, after asking for a return (they offer a 14 day no questions asked exchange return policy) I received no reply, even after telling them I was seeking a refund through Pal Pal.
WOOW only replied to e-mails asking if they had processed my order.
(I received no reply that I had even ordered the thing)
PAY PAL (apparently) received no reply either because they are reimbursing me the purchase price plus shipping.
I do want to thank Woow!Digital for an otherwise (according to my limited experience) fine product at their expense! So long as it is plugged in it works fine. NOTE: In one e-mail to Woow!Digital I told them I would make it my mission in life to let the tablet market (on forums like this) know all about my experience with them, guess what? NO REPLY.
Does anyone know how to change the battery in this unit?
It uses a 7.4Volt, 2600 mAH, Lithium Polymer battery. I need the style number or part number for the battery.