Working Android 2.2 Flash Video on Cortex A8 Platform, Possibly the Freescale iMX515


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Jul 9, 2010

This video was uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Tudou 2 days ago labeled as 'Flash video playback demonstration on the Freescale iMX51 on Android 2.2' (基于i.mx51 android2.2 10寸屏平板电脑flash播放演示). Specifications of the Freescale iMX515 show that it is based on ARM Cortex A8, and is capable or running up to 800 MHz. These specifications satisfy the official requirements for Adobe Flash on Android, up to a resolution of 800x480.

The video shows smooth playback of Adobe Flash video on a prototype Android 2.2 tablet running some sort of Cortex A8 processor. Sound seems to be either turned off or non-functional. Video playback seems to be smooth, but bear in mind that Chinese flash video is typically in lower quality than its international counterparts. The customized notification bar is indicative of a custom Android build designed for tablet use, with at least a few of the common function keys embedded much like other Android tablets. This is a interface has not been seen in released devices thus far, so it should belong to an unreleased device.

Prices for products based on the Freescale iMX515 are expected to be between 1500 (220USD) and 2500RMB (350USD) for retail. Rumors are rampant in China on emerging products out of Shenzhen based on Cortex A8 and Android 2.2 to be released soon. This video is a signal of what is in store for us in the coming weeks. It looks like one of these might just be ready quite soon.

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Sep 3, 2010
Mr. xaueious, explain please, in essence:
Integrated approach of calculations depends on complexity of a scene,
And this processor answers only to current inquiries,
Besides, on the resolution 800x480,

And what will be in half a year?

And on the resolution 1024x600?