wow pad flytouch ll with gps, camera


Oct 16, 2011
hi guys

can anyone help me out please i have a wow pad flytouch 2 i think it has 2 micro sd card slots 1 mico hd 2 usb 1 Lan port 1 audio out put and 1 power input and camera and gps, this pad plays hq videos brilliant quality
i wish to upgrade my pad firmware to latest on the market but my problems is im not sure how to about this as i am currently running firmware is 2.1 model is deb kernal is 2.632.9 build number is deb-r2.1.1568 whic i upgrade myself via micro sd card
which i loaded on myself just load software straight onto sd card from internet,but now i am not sure how to upgrade to the latest firware as i have read you have to upgrade to 2.1 3656 then update to 2.2 but as i believe you not just load the software straight on micro sd as i did previouse can any of you guys help me out and post me step by step tutorial on how to the latest firmware on the market for my pad please.
i have a 16gb micro sd card that runs in my pad is this to high o use to update the firmware