X5A / G11 BROWN ANDROID TABLET - Touch screen froze


Dec 31, 2010

I noticed a message starting to appear on bootup saying that GoogleApps had shut down unexpectedly and this seemed to stop both Marketplace and YouTube from working. It seems to be a common issue so I tried the various solutions about clearing Gmail cache all to no avail unfortunately. Someone said the only solution seemed to be a restore to factory defaults done by holding the power and home buttons down until an exclamation mark appears then touch the menu button. I did this and managed to select the restore option but now its sitting on a screen (after getting me to calibrate the screen) with the green android robot on and the message to 'Touch the Android to Begin', unfortunately it doesnt seem to matter where I touch it wont move on.

I've repeated the above process and again its just stuck on the 'Touch the robot' message.

Appreciate any help /tips please?
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