You Tube / Flash Problems


Jan 19, 2011
Just had a generic rockchip Apad and love it!!! Unfortunately for me it uses Android 1.5 and not sure if i can update it.

But I can't get it to play anything off youtube - just keep getting error statement saying unable to play. Doesn't matter if I use the app or go direct to youtube on line.

It keeps asking for lastest flash update & i am pretty certain it is not compatible. Everyine says I should still be able to see youtube (but not BBC Iplayer), so what am i doing wrong?? have I adjusted a setting that i need to put right? i DID mess with settings in the first few days (can't remember what though!!!!! :( . )

I have added realplayer and got to see one video (without sound), but nothing since.

Also, how do I get to the contact list. Would love to use it to store contact details but can't find it!!!!

In every other respect it is fantastic - especially now i have a separate keyboard as well. Would highly recommend it (especially for the sub £100 price!!!!!!!!!)

Any help would be greatly received!!!!!
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