"your device is not compatible with this version" on Dell Venue 7


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Dec 24, 2014
I just bought a Dell Venue 7(3740) & it's my first tablet. I receive the message "your device is not compatible with this version" when trying to download The Weather Channel app(accessed thru the Weather Channel website). The Weather channel doesn't actually show up as an available app when searching the app store. Same with the YP app and AJC(Atlanta Journal & Constitution). I was able to successfully download the Pandora app.

I contacted Dell support but the only thing they're saying is that it's a 3rd party app issue. Given that this affects several apps I've got to believe there's some sort of issue with my tablet. The tablet has been reset and updates searched for, none available.

Any help appreciated.

Btw, I'm running Android 4.4.4 and version 1.75_140820 on the Venue software


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Dec 27, 2011
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There may be some issues with some apps not installing on some tablets. The problem usually is that the developer hasn't tested it on that device or didn't authorize it for that device. It's also the same thing for Google as they need to be able to identify the device is OK to install the app on.. Sometimes it's because of the particular hardware combination on that tablet that the app may not work correctly. If you log into the Play Store with a browser and find the app, it will tell you when you try to install it if it is or isn't compatible.

If it says it isn't your only recourse is to get in touch with the developer. I have 4 Android devices and the AJC app is compatible with all of them but sometimes I run into an app that won't work with one or more of my devices.

The chances are very strong that it isn't actually a fault on your Venue, just that it's a Venue rather than a Samsung. There is also the possibility that it's your screen size causing the issue.