Zeki TB1082B Tablet


Oct 23, 2012
being the owner of a Coby Mid1042 I was looking for another tab similar to it and found the zeki tb1082b to be a very very close relative in all aspects same core ,memory,access plugs ,well to make a long story a bit shorter I goofed up the zeki to the point it would boot to a white screen and there is little or no help for this tab atm but know this the similarities paid off as I flashed my zeki with the recovery of my Coby VIOLA perfect match works fine but it now thinks it is a Coby (Poor dear Lost its mind ) it boots up as coby works fine I rooted it as a coby installed CWM for my coby and all this is fine ....Except for 1 small detail NO WIFI no Mac address so here is where I am how do I get the WiFi back online ?


Nov 9, 2012
I think your minimanual tels you how to restore it. I think you hold the volume button while putting a pin or paperclip into the reset hole.

I thout about getting the 10" but couldn't justify $90 more over the 7" model, same specs.


Jun 13, 2012
If the tablet is simply hung in an app, please wait 3-5 minutes to see if it will clear itself.
If the entire tablet is hung press a small paperclip into the reset hole.
If the entire tablet is hung you can also long press the power button until it shuts off. If it doesn't work try the paperclip route
If you think you've bricked your tablet press the paperclip into the reset hole and hold in down in there and at the same holding down the power button.
Can't remember how long you have to keep the reset hole plugged and the power button down. To the best of my memory I think you release the reset hole and keep the power button pressed down until the tablet starts.

This should get you into "Factory Data Reset".