Zen T180 is stuck


Jun 12, 2010
I usually hang out over on droidforums.net and someone showed up with a stuck tablet. I started troubleshooting it because android is android, whether it is on a phone or on a tablet. Here is the info I have thus far:

Epad C100 CPu ZT-180 FSB 1Ghz DDr256 10.2 Tablet for his birthday and it now wont boot it starts to boot shows the Epad sign and then the small penguin and then the small android sign and then goes on to the main android loading screen (big Capital Letters and animated Android sign but goes no further just carries on flashing. It was loaded with Android 2.1

He has Windows, isn't familiar with the sdk and adb but I'm sure that won't be an issue if he needs to be introduced to those tools. The tablet did function for 2 months and just recently got into this state. He got it from ebay and the purchaser won't respond to him and ebay won't help because it has been over 45 days. He is on his own. I asked him to make an account here and I'll link him to this thread so he can find it.

On a phone we'd go into the recovery tool and do a factory reset. The web tells me there is no recovery app but it does look like this device can be rooted. How do we do a factory reset or flash a stock rom onto this? Or if someone has another idea of what's wrong, that would help too.



Sep 11, 2010
Check out the detailed instructions found at: iBeau dot net

They helped me. The biggest thing is making sure he has the correct cable to go from the PC to the ZT-180. Everything else is a download.

Good luck!