Zenethink ZT-180 10.2 inch Android Tablet


Aug 30, 2010
Hello Everyone,

I am Based in New York City

I just Received my Zenethink ZT-180 Running Android 2.1 ROM is 0826

note: There is a newer version of the ROM 0827 (with the supposed 3G support) my current version works perfectly that I did not want to jinx it.

I am offering my own short review of the product.

General Specifications:

ZT-180 1GHz processor 10.2" Android Tablet

Processor: 1GHz ZT-180 CPU
OS: Android 2.1 Firmware Build 0826
RAM: 128 / 256 MB DDR
Storage: 2GB Nandflash
Additional Storage Options: Supports micro sd card up to 32GB
Screen: 10.2 in high quality Resistive Touch Screen
Resolution: 1024*600 pixels

Audio: Built in stereo speakers
Audio out: 3.5mm earphones
Built in Microphone
Audio Playback: WAV playback, WMA playback

Video: MP4 1080P AVI (XVID, H.263, DIVX)

Features and highlights

Android 2.1 Firmware Build 0826
  • Android apps
  • (no access to google market, but has similar market app)
  • Instant messenger with support for QQ、MSN、Fetion、Google Talk protocols
  • Full featured Web browser
  • Email
  • Ebook Reader
  • WIFI b/g
  • USB Port
  • OTG Port
  • Support USB mouse
  • 3D games
  • Multiple Language Support
  • RJ-45 Dongle
  • Micro SD / TF Slot
Built-in 2400mAH, 7.4 Li-ion battery
  • 5-7 hours standby time
Since all Zenethink ZT-180 comes from the same manufacturer, difference would lay in the the supplier. How said supplier takes their time to ensure that their customer receives a fully functioning product.

This is my personal experience with this particular supplier.

I. Seller: www.androidtime.com

Contact Person: Martin
Email: [email protected]

Why or How was this seller chosen:

Actually by accident, I was looking something to replace an HP TC4200 tablet being used by my 108 year old "adopted" grandmother (Yes she likes it because the stylus allows her to write notes and underline her emails) I have a funny story when we went to see the iPad in the 5th Avenue store but that is for another thread.

Prior to buying my specs was 10.2 tablet with HDMI out. After numerous searches I ended up at the adroidtime site.

Now a word of caution "DO NOT TAKE THE SITE SPECS AT FACE VALUE" always ask questions.

Always confirm, ask for photos, if the supplier cannot send you one or does not reply right away dont bother with them and find another one.

Otherwise you will endup like me with a 10.2 inch Tablet without a HDMI out. Since I did not confirm prior to my placing an order I can not blame the supplier.

I placed my order on August 18, 2010

On August 19, 2010 I receive an email from Martin (the person operating the site) informing me of a delay because he is waiting for Tablets with the "Newer Rom"

On August 22 I receive an email informing me that the Tablet shipped via DHL and a corresponding tracking number was attached.

I received the tablet August 23.

After a quick inspection no HDMI out port, so naturally an email was sent out seeking explanation.

Martin was very polite in explaining to me the manufaturer decided that the newer models would not have any HDMI out port and offered several options to resolve the matter.

So I decided to give it a try... Then trouble... by August 25 it was necessary to shipped the product back.

Now normally a supplier would either wait until they receive the defective unit before shipping out the replacement or Get your credit card info send you a replacement and charge you if you dont send back the defective unit in X number of days.

Martin did neither - He sent me my replacement as soon as I gave him the tracking number of the return product.

Replacement was shipped September 2nd Item Received September 3rd

(note: the gap between August 25 and September 2 was because he was looking for a 10.2 with HDMI out. He managed to find one with camera and HDMI port but it was 7")

The Rating Criteria: 10 = Perfect Score


Price (Self explanatory)
Order Handling (invoices, shipping information, alert if there are delays)
Shipping: Date when order was made - Date Received
Support: (Timeliness of response to queries, willingness to resolve an issue.)


Price: $199.90 + shipping (8)
Order Halndling: 10
Shipping: 5 days (10)
Support: 10

Overall experience with this seller is 38/40 or 95%

The Product: ZT-180 10.2 256 MB RAM 2GBNANDD

Body Construction: Plastic but does not feel flimsy 8 out of 10
Boot up Time: 50 seconds
Responsiveness: 8 out of 10 (10 being your capacitative multitouch screens)
Sound Quality: 7 out of 10 (hey what do you expect from a tiniwinie speaker on an under $200 tablet)
Video: (Macross Zero, AVI format) very smooth. I am waiting for a blueray conversion of avatar being done by a friend of mine. (9 out of 10)

Overall experience with this product is 32/40 or 80% (So far)

Note I will add more as I continue to test.