*ZENITHINK* Flytouch 5 Z102 10" Tablet - Reviewed


Apr 27, 2011
Yes, Flytouch... you read that correctly.

I actually just bought one off of eBay (Still waiting for it to get here). Seems to be the model in between the ZT180-102 and the top end ZT280 C91 and C71 models. I had seen some tablets called the "Flytouch 5", but I thought they were either another clone or BS. Guess not. I also have seen these tablets called the "Zenithink Z280 R10".

I never heard of Zenthink making a Flytouch though. The article is correct, the Z102 does look like a Flytouch 2. The only difference I could see between a FT2 and the Z102 was the A9. The difference between a ZT180 is the Z102 has the A9 and, additionally, GPS built in.

Also, apparently the newest firmware from Zenithink for the C91, C71, Z102, and the Zenithink 10" 2GB and 4GB styles came out this past Friday, if you haven't seen. This on the Zenithink.com website, as opposed to the Zenithink.us website.

I have to wonder if the Flytouch 2 custom ROMs (especially Tims ROM) will work on the Flytouch 5 Z102...

From the article:
Previously, the Whitebox Flytouch 2 manufactured by Guomei has made a miracle in the market of domestic Android tablets in China. The original Guomei Flytouch 2 was followed by 8GB/16GB Flytouch 3 model and GPS Flytouch 3 model in a short time. Flytouch have been very popular in both domestic and foreign markets this year. And now, it’s already time for Flytouch 5.

This latest whitebox Flytouch 5 tablet is from Zenithink, model number Z102, which has succeeded the design of Flytouch 2 in appearance but made a big step forward in hardware configurations. Equipped with AMLogic A9 processor, performance of Zenithink Z102 is pretty good to be one of current mainstream tablets.

Interestingly, and just FYI, the article says that the Z102 comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo), however, the one I purchased has Android 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) on it. Also, according to the Zenithink product site, the Z102 comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) loaded on it.

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Oct 29, 2011
I just bought the Z102 for 130€ (about 160 Dollar). For that price its okay.

The thing works, its pretty fast in the web, flash, market apps work, Youtube without probs, cam 1.3mp works, about 3h battery life with surfing, USB Slots, Mini HDMI, LAn Port. Its seems to have a telephone function, but i haven't tested it yet. I think it doesn't work.
Typing ist okay (response could be better if you're a fast typer)

Negative: No Multitouch, touchscreen response time could be better. You got to scroll with youre fingernails to scroll smoothly. If you put in the GPS Antenna its pretty hard to get it out. It stucks in the port.
They deliver an USB - SD Card Adapter which is too big, you can't stick in a SD Card directly. This looks stupid when you put it in.. And you need for many Apps the SD Card. I just bought an Mini USb Stick with 16GB.
The GPS Mouse adapter broke after 3 times putting it into the device!
Theexternal operation is okay, but not perfect.

After all, you don't go wrong with that price. (Sorry for my moderate english)


Dec 27, 2011
You got hosed because fly touch and zenithink are 2totally different companies. Who ever you bought from lied to you

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Apr 17, 2012
Flytouch device is rubbish. I bought one for my wife and its processor is so slow that it just can't be used. It is very frustrating. Does not do Android justice.
Screen is unresponsive
Power supply is Chinese so needs adaptor, and it fell apart
Some Apps do not work
No instructions
GPS needs antena
I could go on....