Zenithink Tablet White Screen and won't boot!!


Nov 22, 2012
Hi folks. I'm helping a non-techy friend by trying to fix is older zenithink tablet. I have been having troubles identifying the specific model, but thats the least of my problems because I can't even get the damn thing to boot! I have read up on some forums that their is a cable that sometimes comes out of place or disconnects, hence leading to a white screen. But if this were the case, the tablet should still boot and make some sort sound..this is does not happen. Not even a tiny speaker 'pop' on startup (damn hardware's quiet!).

I have left it charged via usb cable for a few hours (i do not have a AC charger at the moment), but i don't see a charging indicator light that everyone has mentioned in some of the forums.
WITHOUT the micro SD card in, when holding down the power for about 3 to 5 seconds, it'll give me a bright white screen for only a few seconds before the screen turns off again (its not dimmed, but it completely turns off).
WITH the micro SD card in, turns out, I get the same thing!!!

I reset it every time in between 'test boots' to insure that the tablet may not be booting or already booted from a previous attempt.

I did some homework on the flashing process, and it is quite a bit different from smartphones which i'm more experienced with. I cannot seem to get the computer to even recognize the device. I followed the directions; the power and main home button on the front while plugged in, but with no luck.
I've also tryed the power button + menu button, and even the power button + menu button. Still, no luck.

I'm pretty stumped guys! I'm usually pretty good with gadgets but this one's got me stumped. He also got it a couple years back, so i think he doesn't have a warrantee on it. I dont really know where to turn next because i can't even get into a kernal to flash a new rom, or even get the computer to recognize the bootloader. Ideas? ENLIGHTEN ME WITH YOUR WISDOM :D

P.S according to my friend, the tablet worked fine at one point then just crapped out on him, im thinking its firmware/software related butttt theres always a possibility it has defective hardware.
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