Zpad for me?


Jan 23, 2011
I'm looking to get an android tablet. I got a Droid2 and feel android is far better then iOS. I am going on a cruise begining of March, so I'd love to have it before that, but if there isn't anything out there right for me, then I'll have to wait. The Xoom looks like it will be on Verizon only and pretty expensive. I found the Gtablet/ZPad, looks to be what I'm looking for. I'd like a 9-10" tablet, 1 GB RAM, space isn't an issue but a SD slot would be better. Has to have a Captive screen and the Terga2 dual core processor. I'm shooting for it to support Honeycomb. I'm fine with, and prefer the ability to use custom firmware on my device. It looks like the Zpad/GTablet models are the best out there for my wants. It appears the Zpad can be equipped with GPS/cell connection. I have some questions about the cell part of it. What carriers can I use, if I do decide to get it, and will the GPS work with out a SIM? Any opinions?