3 questions for coby m7015-4g

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 1' started by iampostal, Dec 20, 2011.

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    coby m7015-4g
    these questions may seem inane but after being told once i will be well on my way and i much appreciate the help!
    1)i have the aldiko icon 3 times on my home screen how do i delete 2 of them so i have just one aldiko icon
    2)are there updates/downloads for my coby tablet and if so what is the easiest way to get them and install them...i have looked but never seem to be directed to an coby update area on google
    3)this is the biggie most frustrating...i am trying to transfer epub files from my laptop to the aldiko reader on my coby and have the sd card installed yet when i try to transfer them to the tablet it shows they are on the tablet and in the aldiko folder yet they do not appear in the aldiko library...what am i doing wrong

    sorry for not properly categorizing these questions individually and i appreciate any response and will soon get the gist of this newfangled tablet world i have entered

    and if this is the wrong place to ask please simply tell me where to go (hah hah) and ill repost there
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    NOOK Tablet Stock NOOKcolor Rooted/Flashed Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB Stock
    Hi iampostal, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new tablet. Glad you decided to brcome a member of Android Tablets. For 1) Long press on the icon and a garbage can should appear. Drag the icon to the garbage and drop it in. For your other questions you are in the wrong place. Q&A is more for folks who don't know what tablet they have or they have a tablet that doesn't have a forum of it's own. Your should be asking questions in the Coby Generation 1 section where the folks familiar with your tablet will see them and help you out. I'm moving your thread over there for you. Good luck!
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